These days, almost all personal and entertainment devices and home appliances require electrical power to operate, therefore it is important that your home wiring is planned and installed properly and according to safety standards. Every modern home and business depends on its electrical wiring for day to day operation and comfort. At Agentis Electric our skilled & licensed electricians have the experience and expertise to inspect your home, provide rewiring services as needed, and install new wiring or outlet receptacles with the required AMP rating.

Reading and planning complex electrical wiring diagrams require the knowledge of experienced electricians. In order to ensure the safety of a household or business, electric wiring-specific codes are in place and permits must be obtained, particularly if changes are being made to the existing electrical system. Our licensed electricians always work to code and have the technical skills needed to troubleshoot, replace, install, and upgrade housing and commercial wiring systems.

Our wiring services include:

  • Planning for current and future needs
  • Installation of communications wiring
  • Knob and tube rewiring
  • Home lighting automation

If you need help with your home or business wiring, contact us at Agentis Electric.

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