Recessed Lighting Installation

Pot lighting or recessed lighting is highly desirable in homes today. It adds a look of elegance and can be used to highlight special features of your home. Pot light fixtures are affixed within backdrops, ceilings or crown molding and provide light without directly being seen. Unlike standard lightbulbs, recessed lighting bulbs are concealed within the wall or ceiling, this creates a pleasant lighting effect that is subtle and elegant.

LED Lighting Installation

In recent years, LED (“light-emitting diode”) lighting has become extremely popular. For homes, businesses, and artistic installations LEDs are more durable and more efficient than conventional lights. They also last longer, shine brighter, are less toxic to environment and health and produce much less infrared light than CFLs.

For these and other reasons, LED lights are becoming the standard. With LED lighting, homeowners get practically endless possibilities for decoration and lighting.

LED lights can be installed in practically any location and programmed to emit colors that homeowners prefer. The only limit is your imagination.

Our LED lighting installation services are custom designed to suit your needs. We use new technologies, including wireless for indoor and outdoor applications. We retrofit existing fixtures to LED without damaging your drywall.

If you have a design in mind and need help with LED installation, give a Agentis Electric a call today to discuss your options. Our technician will work with you to transform your home lighting arrangement and give your home an updated, modern look with LED lights.

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