Inspections and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems

Solar PV systems can require little to no maintenance when implemented with accurate and careful design. In fact, most of the maintenance and renovation work in renewable systems can be eliminated in this way. An occasional gentle hosing-off of dust and visual inspection brushing-off of snow will take care of most maintenance needs.

Inspecting Your Solar PV System

Over time, however well designed the PV systems are, problems can develop. Typical issues include cracking of lenses glass panels, loose panels or loose electrical connections and monitoring of nearby vegetation growth or debris causing shading can occur. A full semi-annual scheduled inspection and maintenance plan work should keep your help ensure your system is in good shape and running trouble-free.

Protecting your Solar Panel Array

Non-permanent racking systems are cheaper up-front, but in time, they can jeopardize conductors due to shifting caused by wind and snow loads and the inconstant nature of wood. This puts your solar panel investment at risk as well as the rest of your equipment, if movement produces damaged electrical conductors. We recommend engineered steel/aluminum racking for stronger more permanent quality installations and the addition of rated fasteners and wire control to protect your conductors even more.

Contact us at Agentis Electric to get your semi-annual help you plan an inspection and maintenance program for your system services. Protect your investment and ensure its working at maximum efficiency for years to come.

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