Interior home lighting can turn a room into a pleasant space to spend time. While most homes have proper lighting installed from build, at times you find needing a fixture that needs better placing or a new ornate chandelier that requires expertise to install.

Installing new light fixtures requires a series of proper steps, like turning off power to the applicable areas of your home, preparing the work area and ensuring that the wiring is properly connected.

At Agentis Electric, our technicians know how to install lighting safely and effectively, so you won’t have to climb ladders and tamper with electrical wiring.

High ceiling fan work and ornate chandelier installation

High ceiling fans and ornate chandelier installations can be complicated for the average home owner. High ceilings or ornate fixtures may make things difficult without the proper equipment and experience.

Ceiling fans improve your home comfort during the summer and winter months. Ceiling fans also help lower your heating and cooling costs by reducing your reliance on heating and cooling units. A sought-after home amenity, a ceiling fan helps control temperatures in frequently used rooms.

A beautiful ornate chandelier increases your home’s appeal. Chandeliers are a great addition to almost any room. Not only do they provide excellent light from the best possible place, but as a design element, they often steal the show. At the very least, they add another layer to a beautifully designed space.

Motion sensor switches and outdoor security lights

Security is important and outdoor security lights are a key part of keeping your home secure. Motion sensors, also known as motion detectors, if connected with a lighting system can automatically turn on lights each time a movement is detected by the sensor.

They are ideal for covering the area in front of the garage and the front garden, and can switch outdoor lighting on and off that is placed to illuminate areas that are covered by video surveillance cameras.

Agentis Electric has experience setting up all kinds of lighting fixtures whether to improve the overall look of your home or for added security, our certified technicians work is always to standard and proper safety specifications.

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