Most modern electrical panels are safe and well designed. However, sometimes old homes and buildings have old panels that can’t cope with today’s energy demands or in the planning of an addition or renovation the panels need to be upgraded to cope with the new requirements. Older fuse boxes also present a health and safety hazard and should be replaced with more modern circuit breakers. Fuse boxes were designed to work when a typical electrical load for the house was 30-60 amps and some of today’s appliances draw 100-200 amps alone.

Whichever the case electrical panels installed years ago can now be undersized for today's electrical needs or even outdated to the point of becoming a safety hazard. By replacing or upgrading your home or business electrical panel you can have peace of mind that your electrical system is up to date to provide you with proper power and safety.

Any time you add a major electrical appliance such as a hot tub or an air conditioner, your home or business electrical needs change and the electrical panel may not be able to handle the additional load. Another sign that your panel needs an upgrade is if you are constantly flipping circuit breakers because of too much electrical demand.

If you aren't certain what type or size of electrical panel you have, we can assess your panel and let you know if there are any recommendations for replacing or upgrading it.

Electrical panel services we provide:

  • Increase service size
  • Replace meter base and mast
  • Coordinate work with Hydro
  • Replace electrical panel
  • Install sub-panel

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