At Agentis Electric we’ve been providing homeowners with excellent electrical services for many years. If you need a team of experienced electricians to help you out with an upcoming custom home wiring project, hire our certified and experienced technicians.

We work with builders, contractors or architects and collaborate with them to ensure that your custom home wiring is done according to local codes and regulations and that it fits your current and future needs.

Whether you have a fully furnished space or your walls are open, our electricians can do the job. We provide specialized service to fit your needs, and help you plan for future ones as well.

Communications wiring

Adding communications wiring to your home needs to be done right and by a professional. Proper installation makes the difference between slow, unstable connections and clear and fast communications. CAT-5e (phone cabling) and coaxial cabling (for internet connections and other telecom) are some of the wiring that can be installed.

It’s more efficient to install a communications system when you’re renovating, adding on, building a new home or remodeling a new office. Having the walls open makes it simple to route cables to every room. But in most cases, it is also possible to retrofit your existing home. In this scenario, we would fish out the existing cable and cut and patch walls as needed. At Agentis Electric we have a great method to fish the cables with minimal invasiveness to your home or office. We’ll be happy to show you some strategies that will help.

Home lighting automation

Lighting Automation can enhance the enjoyment and property value of any home and business. Add security for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on energy bills. The lighting controls can operate as a stand-alone or with a control system for remote access and advanced scheduling.

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